2022 7th International Conference on Electronic Technology and Information Science(ICETIS 2022)
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Keynote Speaker
image.pngProf. Zhaoquan Gu, Vice Dean

Guangzhou University, China


Zhaoquan Gu, director of big data and Security Research Institute, Guangzhou University's 100 Talents Program. He has long been engaged in the research of cutting-edge technology in Cyberspace Security. He graduated from the computer science experimental class (Yao class) of Tsinghua University with a bachelor's degree, and graduated from the cross Information Research Institute of Tsinghua University with a doctor's degree. Tsinghua University and the University of Hong Kong jointly train postdoctoral students, and his research direction is big data security and artificial intelligence security. He has won Yao ban scholarship, excellent doctoral graduates from Tsinghua University, excellent graduates from Beijing, Xiangjiang scholars, etc. He has been selected into the youth talent promotion project of China Association for science and technology, high-level talents in Guangzhou, and member of Guangzhou network and informatization expert advisory committee. Published more than 70 international high-level papers, applied for or authorized more than 30 patents, and participated in the development of a number of big data security industry standards. Presided over the national key R & D projects, sub projects, a number of NSFC.

image.pngAssoc. Prof. Lei Zhang

School of Computer and Information Engineering/Henan University, China

Research Area: 

*Machine learning: Performance optimization of supervised machine learning algorithm, Rule extraction of deep learning, Weather forecast based on deep learning, Public opinion monitoring technology based on deep learning

*Big data: Storage and analysis of aviation meteorological big data, Satellite remote sensing and Spatiotemporal big data 

*Information security: Network attack and defense technology, Big data and cloud computing security protection, Artificial intelligence security risk and intelligent security attack and defense, Blockchain and fine-grained access control of cloud computing

Speech Title: Research on Access Control and Data Editing-Mechanism for Blockchain Based on ABE

Personal Website: http://cs.henu.edu.cn/info/1049/2005.htm